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Katie is just what you want in a personal trainer. Focused on you and what you want to achieve, when and where you want to do it. A great motivator, counsel and someone you can have a laugh with. I’ve been with her three years – she’s got me hooked.
Gloria, Shepherds Bush

I’ve always been quite allergic to exercise, but Katie has really given me the confidence to get over it. She’s also helped me keep a much clearer eye on what I’m eating. I’ve dropped 6lbs and a whole jean size since I have been seeing her, and I’ve kept the weight off for nine months.
Leanne, Shepherds Bush

Katie has been working with me for over a year now…cajoling me when needed, keeping me in touch with the realities of getting and keeping fit and helping me to achieve my target i.e. regular, enjoyable, relatively painless running without injury: not bad for someone who is nearer 60 than 40.
Shirley, Putney

Katie is a terrific trainer. In just a few months, she took me from being an overworked, completely out of shape, office worker, to an energized and enthusiastic runner (albeit still overworked). I always thought I hated exercise, but with Katie it is fun, relaxing and enjoyable. (Shedding the pounds is a great side benefit) She puts a lot of thought into one’s training regime and varies it over time to keep it interesting.
Michael, Kensington

I am a 38 year old investment banker and have never really enjoyed nor had the time to commit to the gym. I have been training with Katie May for nearly a year now and have seen tremendous improvement not only in my fitness but also my attitude to exercise. She has been a great influence in getting me back in shape, focusing on achievable targets, motivating me and more importantly making it fun and interesting. I don’t think I have missed a single session which says it all!
Raj, Chelsea

Katie’s sessions are a physical and mental wellbeing essential in my life.  Not only does she target your physical goals but also because she is such a warm, positive and genuinely interested person, I feel that the discussions we have throughout sessions have really helped my mental wellbeing.  I come out of each session feeling worked out physically and lighter mentally!  She is kind, firm and encouraging.  I once paused sessions due to finances and then realised I couldn’t afford not to have her in my life!

Tracy, East Sheen

Katie is very friendly and approachable and immediately puts you at ease. But don’t let this think that she is a push over – she gives a really tough work out so gets results too.
Caroline, Fulham

I found Katie’s attitude towards weight and exercise refreshing and honest. She has been helpful in guiding and motivating me towards my personal goals. She can only do so much though!!
Becks, Putney

“Katie is very friendly and approachable…”

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